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Tatz Tierzeichnungen

by Tatjana Schneider  


Tatjana Schneider




My name is Tatjana Schneider, I was born 24-04-1968 in Brunsbüttel (approximately 80 km north of Hamburg,Germany).




At the age of 3 I emigrated with my brother and mother to the Netherlands and stayed there until 2004.

Dihna und die Hunde

In the Netherlands I got my first Leonberger dog, her name was Dischna and with her my passion for drawing and Ethologie developed.

Schwedische Wölfe

It was her,who taught me all about dogs and their behaviour, their language and everything a dog owner needs to know.

With her I took every imaginable training that you can do with your dog,from agility, to rescue dog training, to homeopathie for animals.

I immersed myself into all aspects of dog care, like breeding,solving behaviour problems ect.ect.

During this time my thirst for knowledge for all kinds of animals grew more and more.

This desire for knowledge went to a new level when I met Werner Freund and his wolves 15 years ago.

Schwedische Wölfe

He has several species of wolves in his park including: Polarwolves,Timberwolves,Sybirian wolves,European wolves and wolves from Pakistan.

Polarwölfe Okami und Alaska

I have spent the last 14 years raising wolvewelpes.

This has involved intensive ethologie together with Werner, his wife Erika and collaborator Michael Schönberger.

Schwedische Wölfe - AufzuchtKanadische Wölfe - Aufzucht

On top of this there is also a small zoo in the centre of Merzig which has several animals like monkey's, nosebears, Alpaca's, Mara's, Goats ect. ect. which Icared for.


The work in the wolvespark and in the small zoo gave me the opportunity to take care of these animals but above all the chance to have very close contact with them.

Not only the looks of the animal is important for me but also their personality.


Working with animals gives me suchgreat pleasure that I decided to study to be a zookeeper in 2007.

My passion to draw and to paint was always there,Iinherited it from my mum.

Kune Kune Schweine

I can draw almost anything you like,but my preference is for animals.

I still learn from animals every day and they all have their own characteristics.


In 2008 I worked for 6 months in a park were they had birds of prey which Istudied for my zookeeper qualification, they also have other animals like racoons, ferrets, donkey's, prairydogs, porcupines ect,ect.


Finally I worked for 3 weeks in a big zoo in Neunkirchen where Ispent time with elephants, Giraffes, Orangutan's.Reptiles, fishes and all kinds of birds.


In these years I also made wallpaintings for Werner Freund's expeditionmuseum.

My work was exhibited at a piano concert given by Helene Grimaud.

I designed the logo for the wolvespark in Merzig.

Uhu Altei


This all started with a dog called Dishna,she was my companion,teacher and the best dog you could wish for......



I dedicate this website to her.




© by Tatjana Schneider